Manufacturing Production Inventory Management

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Manufacturing Production Inventory Management is an inventory software based on Microsoft Access intended to help all types of manufacturers with making their business easier. It is basically a database management tool and comes with useful features for small and medium sized manufacturing business. This powerful tool consists of different modules that handle the business processes right from the purchase of raw materials to final products sales. The two important modules that make the application a complete management solution for any manufacturing company are the raw materials inventory management and the final product inventory management.

In addition to raw material and final products inventories, the program takes care of sales, economic order quantities, customers, suppliers, administration and management of company. The Economic Order Quantity feature can be used to generate efficient inventory lists for reorder quantities. It calculates the reorder points and order quantities using this feature. This helps you cut down the cost by the management of inventory in the most optimum way. Inventory is maintained automatically by reducing the items that are transferred to final product.

You can generate lists of new arrived items in inventory and purchase orders for raw materials. Monitor your production with the final products database. It also lets you generate sales orders and on selling products reduces them from the final products database. In addition to customers and suppliers, it offers you employee database so that you can track the staff activities and their sales. Its reporting function lets you generate various types of reports for precise analysis of your business processes. A perfect solution for any business inventory!