Download Inventory Spreadsheet

Inventory Spreadsheet is a simple spreadsheet cum inventory program designed to help you with keeping track of your possessions. This spreadsheet is aimed at enabling you to make an inventory of the things you own. The purpose of doing this is to keep track of everything you possess that would be useful in case of calamities. What if your house catches fire and your possessions burn out and the insurance company asks you about the things you lost? It is good to have a track of your possessions in an easy to access manner like a spreadsheet of such kind.

If you do not have one, it is the right time to start making an inventory of your household things. This spreadsheet proves the best way to do this through its design and format. It contains serial numbers, descriptions and other information that would be needed for the possessions you enter. You can also insert pictures for each item. Any other information in addition to those made available can be added to the spreadsheet for your ease and comfort.

Now it is possible to make sure that you are safe and secure at the time of disaster. By maintaining an inventory of the things, you can be sure to have a ready list of your possessions whenever you would want to present. An innovative inventory tool suitable for anybody serious about his belongings and their security.

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