Inventory Management System for Access

Download Inventory Management System for Access

Inventory Management System for Access is an inexpensive and powerful inventory management system for everybody. It is designed to be suitable for any small or large scale business and is based on Microsoft Access. It comprises inventory, purchase, sales management tools to help any business increase its productivity. It helps you with all the business processes from sales order, suppliers, customers to products and inventory by maintaining a well organized database of everything involved in your business.

This Access based template lets you manage your inventory effectively through its feature called Economic order quantity which calculates the optimal quantities to order based on your re-order points. This feature aims at cutting the business cost by providing an optimal mode of maintaining item quantities. You can easily add the newly arrived products to the inventory list. It also maintains a database of all the suppliers with related information. The template lets you create purchase orders in the most easy way. On sale of products, it deducts the items from the inventory and generates sales order too. Moreover, the customers' database is updated with the information every time you make sales.

Not only these, it also provides you with an employees database for your company so that you can track the information like the sales of each employee. Its reporting function lets you generate useful and comprehensive reports like those for sales, purchase order, inventory, etc. One can quickly analyse the business with the help of these reports. Compared to other inventory softwares, this program is a efficient solution for any business.