Inventory Grabber

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Inventory Grabber is one of the popular inventory software tools designed for resellers. It comes to serve the purpose of automating the task of entering product information for the reselling business owners. It will save you the time you spend typing the data for the products you sell. This program does it for you using other sources and promises to maintain accurate information about your business sales. One can define the sources of information and the program works to extract trustworthy data using them.

The program works perfectly for computer components but also facilitates customizing it for other things. Computer parts being standard, this program eliminates the need of entering them again and again at different places. It utilizes the fact that specific brands have series of the parts and each series has specific models. The information like description, image and category are specific for each model. These fixed information is extracted by the program once and used whenever needed. It provides you the info in the formats you want including xml, excel and pdf.

With advanced support for other items, this tool is going to be one of the most useful applications for the reselling business. Making the business easier and efficient, Inventory Grabber serves a large class of users. Try it today for free!