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Inventory Biz Biller is an inventory software that comes as a package for providing you an easy and reliable solution for billling and stock management. With a very simple interface, the program lets you access the features like items creation and grouping for efficient inventory management. The program also supports multiple companies and and multiple windows processing. The graphical interface makes the program easy to use with a windows based design. Editing is also made very easy. The instant search feature of the tool lets you search for the required vouchers quickly. It even allows shortcut keys for the functions.

The two main functions of the program include : 1. Billing and 2. Inventory management. The Billing module lets you create sales quotations and invoices and also allows printing them. Print settings for dot matrix printer and ink jet as well as laser printer are available. You can also customize the bills to suit your requirements. The program contains built in forms for tax vouchers and VAT billing and also gives you the option for wholesale and retail bills. It also allows multiple pricing and warnings for credit limits.

The Inventory module keeps track of your purchase and sales and automates the management of stock for your inventory. Receipt note and delivery note can be created and tracked using this tool. The program categorizes the stock item wise, category wise and manufacturer wise for efficient organization. It also offers you with reorder levels reports. The built in reports for stock, purchase, sales, VAT statements and service tax let you analyse your business performance quickly and help effective decision making.

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