Infrared Remote Control Unit Code Reader

Download Infrared Remote Control Unit Code Reader

Infrared Remote Control Unit Code Reader is code reader software designed and developed by CRZMAN Software working House. This reader tool is capable of reading more than one hundred and fifty types of infra red code formats in an easy and efficient manner. The utility helps you to display the infrared code format on software like Oscillograph, seamlessly.

There are many features available in this code reader tool other than the code reading. It has a error detection function which is based on detailed analysis and test results. The tool can easily save infra red code functions in its data store, thereby helping you with different code functions. The tool helps you in identifying the different code format by comparing it with the available code formats in its data source. It can also compare a remote control units code from the different codes from its source.

This tool is available as a free to try version with certain operational restrictions. The cost of the license looks like on the higher side and it will be certainly logical to expect a nominal buying cost for this tool. This application is designed to be operational on all flavors of Windows operating systems including XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Win 8.