Hardware & Software Tracker

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Hardware & Software Tracker is a powerful inventory software for keeping track of a company's IT assets. For those who are looking for automation of managing the IT resources of one's business, this tool is the perfect choice. It can prove to be an inevitable tool for the IT department of your organization. It can manage any number of workstations connected over a local area network. It is a helpful application that takes care of the hardware and software capital in your company. For larger companies having more number of computers, it is must to automate the task of managing and tracking hardware and software assets.

If the process of tracking these resources in a company is ignored, you can suffer from losses like equipment and functionality. The program is specially designed for helping you control your IT assets in the best possible and productive way. It has a support for DHCP. The machine master module of the program allows entering the items of your company and keeps a well organized database of all the items with their details. The auto search feature of the tool allows searching for required items easily and quickly.

The comprehensive detailed reports generated by the program let you analyse the inventory information for effective decision making. For each machine in your IT department, you can store information like network adapter, drives, keyboard, memory, motherboard, printer, processor, video, slots and ports. A very helpful tool for anybody interested in keeping track of the hardware and software assets in the company.