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Free POS Software is a freeware designed for service industry, especially the food category industry, for catering to the need for efficient billing and customer service. This software has many features, which is ultimately aimed at serving the customer better and faster at the counter. It has the facility to get inputs from bar code readers, card sliders, remote and receipt printers, touch screens, and many more. This application has a cash register system where all the product details can be entered for once, thereby making the customers checkout process faster and accurate.

The application is designed with an intelligent interface where the important functionality like recording of sales, printing of receipts,  and most importantly, managing product pricing and discounts are well taken care. The application stresses importance for the maintenance modules, which is crucial for the proper running of the show. There is a separate module for the product pricing and discounts offering, making it convenient for the administrator and the manager to add, delete, and modify entities in an efficient manner. There is a provision to customize receipts by adding the logo of the enterprise and deciding on the size of the paper used for billing. This product claims that the number of items or the receipts is limited only to your hard disk space. You can add unlimited items to your database.

The provisions for back up in the tool and running multiple instances, thereby businesses in a single installation are mentionable features of this application. This product id overall designed for easy and efficient day to day operation of the store. This free to try and use product is certainly a motivator for someone who tries to run a business in a professional and technically oriented manner. This product will add value to business through proper configuration and efficient usage.

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