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Fixed Asset Pro is one of the popular asset management tools that are designed to help the organizations manage and track their assets. Whatever be the size of your organization, this program's flexible features are sure to help you make your business easy. The most impressive thing is the user friendly interface and the ease of use. Suitable for any type of business, this tool is intended to save your time and effort for managing the fixed assets. The comprehensive data handling of this program makes keeping track of your capital assets an easy affair. It can serve the managers and business owners in safeguarding their investments with its amazing functions.

The application comes with built in reports designed to cover different aspects of your assets. Over 200 formats of reports let the users enjoy the flexibility of providing real time data input. You can save generated reports to formats like XML, PDF and HTML. It also features exporting the reports directly to Excel spreadsheet for great ease for users. The program's report generator component is a very powerful tool and makes your tasks easy by allowing creation of detailed reports from data you provide. It is aimed at increasing your productivity and profitability to a great extent.

Management of your fixed assets was never so easy before. With this program's unique features, you can ensure effective decision making for your investments. Now you can leave the assets management to this tool and concentrate on more important tasks in your business.


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