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Data Tracker for Stores is a business software for retail stores. It stands as one of the helpful tools for any retail store management. The complete business package for anybody looking for making their business more effective and productive. It contains functions like inventory management, point of sale, customer tracking, invoice generation, web publishing, financial reporting and more. The most impressive thing is that you can publish the whole of your inventory over the web using the web publishing feature.

The support for bar code lets you scan bar codes for items, generate bar codes and print them. You can also generate price tags and print them using this tool. The inventory control takes care of managing the quantities of items automatically. On receiving the items, they are added to the quantities and selling them reduces the number from the inventory. You can track the history for any item or invoice. You can also print labels or send them as email attachments. The program lets you send out bulk email to the customers making it easier for you to take care of customer relationship. Invoicing is an added feature whereby automatic invoices are created for sold items along with calculation including taxes. You can even add your company logo to the invoice.

The financial reporting lets you analyse the finances and the inventory reports let you stay on the top of your inventory. You can easily exchange information with other software applications like Excel using its import and export features. The last but not the least is its clean interface which is menu driven so that all its functions are easily accessible.

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