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Data Recall is a windows application intended to help you store your personal information in a secure way. All your critical data can be saved to build a safe database by the program. You can record any number of usernames, passwords, website addresses, bank account details, insurance information, etc. with this application and it sees that everything is kept at one single location that is easy to retrieve. The program not only stands as an option for a password manager but also allows other information storage so that you have an all in one solution for your personal info.

This software contains more than forty built in categories and fields for the information. You can easily modify them to suit your needs. Moreover, you can delete those categories or add new categories and fields as per your requirement. This program is intended to keep your valuable information on your fingertips. All your data is encrypted using security methods so that you need not worry about its privacy. Now you will never forget a password again and you have an organized database of your information without any effort. Each category can have unlimited number of records. For user security, the program asks two security questions for identification.

It is possible to print the entries to have a handy view of the information. You can set options like auto lock and auto clear clipboard for the application. Anybody interested in keeping their private information organized and secure is sure to be impressed by this amazing software tool.

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