Download CastleKeep

CastleKeep is an all new home inventory software intended to help you with recording your expenses and maintenance. With this powerful tool, you can keep track of all your possessions. It is possible to maintain an organized database of your vehicles and their cost and maintenance details. Anything that you feel you should record for your home can be done with this program. It is an all in one solution for your household that is designed to make your life easier by eliminating the need of tracking your belongings manually. Now you can be aware of the expenses due for your household.

With this application, it is possible to record scheduled maintenance that is due for your home and possessions. It also facilitates maintaining information like medical records for your family members, passwords for different services and accounts and more. The most attractive feature of this program is the reporting function. It offers numerous detailed reports for helping you analyse the information about your home inventory. The other facility it offers is the ability to export the data into word and excel so that you can make further use of it. The program protects your data through password protection and encryption for your sensitive data.

You get a built in calendar and scheduler for making it easier to use. Also, you get access to notepad and calculator from the program itself. Support for images lets you add photo along with details for your items. The outlook style design of the program makes it simple to use by any novice user. Data entry is made the most easy through the user friendly interface. The perfect tool for anybody interested in managing the household items in a simplified way!