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One of the most popular inventory software tools, Business Aviator is designed to provide your business with a package of features that would make it easy and more productive. The important thing about this tool is that its functionalities can be customized to meet the needs of different types of businesses. Hence, it is suitable for product business and services equally. Its inventory control features are best in class and they come with a set of accounting functions to help you better. Now even expanding enterprises can save time and effort through the capabilities of this program.

With this application, you need not worry about switching to new system on expansion of the business. Its support for multiple locations make it possible to keep track of inventory, purchase and sales at different stores. You can also reserve and transfer between inventories. You can define the reorder levels and the program provides you timely reorder quantities of all the products at all the locations. You can categorize your inventory by defining codes.

Everything that a good inventory control tool could offer you is here. And that too, with the accounting system. Wait not to try it for your business. Download it for free and see how it can help you.