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Almyta Control System is an innovative inventory control system based on Microsoft Access. It is a highly professional yet simple program designed to take care of your inventory, purchasing, shipping, reorder quantities, sales, work orders, costing, bill of materials, assets and taxing. In short, it automates all your business processes and keeps track of all the aspects making your job easier and effective. Now you need not worry about managing the components of your organization.

The program benefits you by cutting down the time needed for handling the day to day operations in your organization, giving you the real time information about your inventory status, maintaining the co-ordination among the different processes, helping you with decision making for your inventory, allowing you concentrate on more important tasks by taking care of the routine ones and giving you a complete control of your inventory. With this tool, you can improve the manner you manage your purchases, assets, sales and all other aspects, cut down unnecessary purchases and minimize your efforts.

This powerful and reliable application is made for all types of organizations, from small to large. It can be used by retailers, manufacturers, importers & exporters, packagers, distributers, governments, hospitals, universities, churches and any other organization that needs to maintain an inventory. The most important thing is that it is possible to customize this tool to suit your needs. One of the most popular inventory management software available in market today! Download it for free today right here and see how it helps you.

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