Aimi eBook Lite

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An enriched software solution, AIMI eBook Lite can help you change your business style and make it better than before. An advanced system designed for firearms inventory, you can instantly check FBI-NICS. Developed by Coloseum Software, Aimi eBook Lite has a size of 500.22MB. It is compatible with Windows 8/7/XP/Vista/2000. This software works very well with stores having single computer. It proves to be a fruitful effort by Coloseum Software to minimize the count of FFL dealers which were violated every year.

Aimi eBook has provision of electronic signatures and video tutorials which are already built-in. It makes the search of firearms very easy by giving a picture inventory. It is user friendly with a back-up system so that no inventory is lost. You can print the barcodes and access the online auction. One can also print mailing labels of customers easily. It is a standalone application with built-in multiple sales form. The software has got mobile eKiosk and a large business database which can be exported too.

This inventory system has advanced biometrics features. With Aimi eBook, it is very easy to assign users and assign access rights for them. Printing reports and tracing all the transactions can be done effortlessly with this software system. It is possible to keep 10 FFL books altogether in a single place. It has got built-in reports for destroyed firearms. With advanced features like e-transfer between dealers, this software is praiseworthy.