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Accurate-ID Inventory Software is software that works like a professional inventory management. Whether you manufacture or undertake to sell goods is immaterial; if you are running a business that deals with stocks this is the answer to all your worries relating to a good inventory management. There are so many facets related to stock management that it is impossible to dedicate the entire duty to just one person. Even if your team of inventory managers is more than one, manual maintenance is too much to deal with. It will often and invariably result in lapses which may be harmful for the profitability. Accurate-ID Inventory Software on the other hand assists you in every possible way to carry out each and every activity that inventory management involves.

Accurate-ID Inventory Software can be downloaded easily because the file space is meager, only 12 MB. You can install it right away into your computer system and start using it. It works in a number of operating system environment including Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP.

The first important issue that presents itself in stock-management is accurate record keeping so that you can be informed in time about stock-outs, normal and abnormal losses and stock-shortages. This ensures that you do not lose face in front of purchasers and know exactly when to contact the suppliers to get more supply. Accurate-ID Inventory Software lets you keep records of all receipts and shipping orders and you can get the closing balance anytime you want. Generate reports and vendor purchase orders. Import or export the data stored in other formats. Be ready for inventory audit like never before. You can also scan the items with a handheld scanner and print specially generated bar-codes and labels.


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