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ICS Free Financial Toolbar is the billing and accounting business software that provides the user with the latest commentary on the intra-day stock market. All dealers of financial market can have easy access to stock information with just a click of the mouse. This software was published by the software developer ‘Ice Cold Stocks’ on May 2008. It is a commonly used software among stock brokers.

ICS Free Financial Toolbar provides users with an instant search option for over thousands of stocks within minutes. Users can even access stock news, videos on financial commentaries, news on SEC filings, stock charts, stock quotes and many more. This software includes popular search engines like the Google, Yahoo and also a pop-up blocker once it is installed. Brokers can have instant and direct access to several financial market commodities, market movers, share quotes and company profiles. Stock information gets automatically updated. This software also enables users to customize it as per their requirement.

ICS Free Financial Toolbar is extremely simple and easy to use with its user friendly interface. It has great compatibility with several Windows operating systems like the Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows NT. It can be downloaded and installed totally free of cost.

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