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Electronic commerce or Ecommerce is a kind of business application which is conducted by a business firm or organization over a computer network along with the services of Internet for buying and selling of goods, etc. osCommerce or open source Commerce is also and Ecommerce which can be used in a web server containing PHP and MySQL. With the help of Ecommerce a customer can purchase good from anywhere around the world, tally and compare the prices of goods according to the present value. One such ecommerce software is TomatoCart. TomatoCart excels in management of a online system with osCommerce 3. Cart functionalities are also available with TomatoCart to facilitate the customer’s needs.

TomatoCart is built with Ext JS RIA framework and accoutered with the web 2.0 technology Ajax and Rich internet application. This application covers all the features of TurnKey Core along with SSL out of box support and for MySQL database it needs PHPMyAdmin administration frontend. To support mail sending it includes PostFix MTA. The desktop and the multiple window facility provided by TomatoCart are easy to use where the retailers can monitor over several modules such a particular customer, different products as well as customer orders. Management of product price and stock along with appropriate discount for each quantity and customers can be achieved smoothly. Enable optimization of search engine by using proper keywords for products, goods and reviews provided by TomatoCart itself.

Along with the above features it also supports catalog and content management. The retailer can create and manage goods as well as controls the way the contents are getting displayed. Ensures customer and order management as well as supervises tracking and checking of order details. Reliable when concerned with the shipping of orders and it also accepts payment from different countries. It’s definitely user-friendly and one of the most easy ecommerce cart software to use.

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