Speed Bid for eBay

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Speed Bid for eBay is the business software that enables all eBay users to easily monitor and place their bids on the eBay account. The user can sign in easily and the software remembers all prior sign-ins without even storing the user’s data. All data are stored in eBay auction account. Subsequent logging requires the user to click the username or log-in as a different user. While bidding for the auctions bidders can view the time left for the auction to end. Speed Bid for eBay was published by the software company ‘Markelsoft’ in the year September 2007 and continues to be quite popular among the bidders.

Bidders can view all the auction images that get displayed in the thumbnail format. Speed Bid for eBay displays all bid separately that are on the process, bids lost and won. The bidding is basically of three categories, one click minimum bid, two click regular bid and two click snipe bid. Speed Bid for eBay tracks all bids that are won or lost. It even saves, print and email all auction images to friends of the bidder if they want to share the information. All interesting auction products can be shared. The products are displayed in thumbnails with full sized product image and description. All information of bidding can be extracted into a clipboard or file in Excel format that enables easy analysis for the user.

Speed Bid for eBay supports Window 7, Windows 8, Windows XP and Windows Vista operating system. No help from software professionals are required to get started with this application. This software supports all the major payment options such as the PayPal and other eBay paying options. Speed Bid for eBay is 100% safe to download as it does not contain any virus, spyware, trojan or malware.