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There are a few things that customers prefer when they visit an E commerce website. The most important factor being the ease and the comfort with which the customers can purchase the products from the website. If the customers can search and buy products with a lot of comfort, chances are that they will come back to your website time and again. If not, they are going to find out some other sites which fulfill their criteria better. In this highly competitive business world, there will be a number of companies which will be better than you. Hence, it is important to keep on updating your site so that it attracts maximum traffic.

The functionality and power of SmithCart is so high that it has made into the top list. The features and module are many. One can easily choose from a list of options provided and can also create their own customized check out fields. For those E-commerce sites which specialize in B2C and B2B, Smith Cart comes of help due to its user friendly nature with back end settings that are extremely easy to configure.Some of the important positive points worth mentioning are its ability to handle large catalog of products without any difficulty. It has a support response which is worth appreciating. It has a ship to and bill to addresses and names that are separated from each other. In order to easily locate the products, the product features, descriptions, meta tags are search engine optimized. Thumbnail generation can be done automatically. It has the feature to automatically settle and authorize credit cards. There is no particular product limit. It is SSL supported. For return customers, there is the option of “fast checkout”.

To talk about a few negative qualities about Smith Cart, one can mention that there are reviews of products, no wish list and gift card option and no support for multiple language users. There are no reseller discounts. There is also no feature to mail customers with newsletters.

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