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ShopFactory Total-Care is the modern business software tool that helps traders in doing online business activities including digital goods. The user can sell any item, anywhere and at any time without any restriction. ShopFactory Total-Care makes it easy to place orders online through an environment that complies with PCI. This efficient tool helps to satisfy customers easily and also boosts up product sales. Users can quickly create their own professional website with the ‘shopping cart’ and ‘buy now’ button and then orders can be accepted with a variety of payment methods. To satisfy business needs the user can combine any payment methods ranging from Google Checkout with Paypal or any other payment mode. ShopFactory Total-Care was launched by the publisher ‘ShopFactory’ in the year July 2010.

ShopFactory Total-Care includes a variety of offline and online tools that help users to develop and maintain their business and web store which includes the online order management account that help in tracking all orders in a quick and easy way and the Import Wizard module that can quickly import all products from the existing database enabling faster maintenance of the shop building. This tool with its partnership with GlobeCharge prevents the online business from facing any fraudulent orders. The user gets warned against any frauds. Orders from selected countries can be blocked at the discretion of the user if he finds them to be risky.

ShopFactory Total-Care is extremely user friendly and does not require any help from an expert for its functioning. It has got trusted compatibility with various operating systems like Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows NT and Windows XP. This business software tool is free to try with a trial period of 30 days. It is totally clean and does not include any form of viruses or spyware.

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