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E-commerce is the new in thing in the market of internet. It has emerged as the largest market for business just like its physical counterpart. So it is no wonder that the researchers are developing new and advanced software to make the platform of e-commerce more approachable. The ShopFactory eTrader is an inclusion in that list. This is such a software which will completely redefine your e-commerce website and give it a new look. This software can be availed easily from the online platform and is compatible with most of the used Operating systems from the Window. This software allows you to create a complete online store in a hassle free manner. And the best part is you do not have to know any kind of programming to use it.

The ShopFactory eTrader provides the users with a lot of facilities. It allows you i.e. the user to add up to 10 products by an easy and simple click and add button. The calculation of the tax and the shipping cost of the various regions can also be calculated with ease by using this software. The one stop online shop makers provide you with a full functioned preview before you actually decide to publish it. Also the publication of the online shop on the internet is very easy and a matter of few minutes. The integrated program of publishing in the software helps in doing so. Also the software allows you to customize the look of your online shop in accordance to your choice. Moreover the problem of server side installation in not there as the software runs on all the server platform.

The ShopFactory eTrader is an effective solution if you are looking forward in developing an online shop. It doesn’t need any kind of knowledge on programming and moreover manages each and every function of the online shop with utmost care and safety.

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