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PT Multistation is the e-commerce software application allowing the share trader to work with several data vendors and the brokers during the same time. The online traders can either work with their existing account or can create a new account. While trading, the traders are not required to switch among the terminals of the individual brokers. This software provides functionality including the automatic trade feature and trading community in depth. PT Multistation supports data vendors such as Yahoo!Finance, Google Finance, RSS, iQFeed and barchart. This useful software was published by the software company ‘PFSoft’ in the year June 2009. Since its release it has been a wide success among online share trading companies.

PT Multistation enables the share traders in comparing and sending orders online in a quick and easy way. This tool is an efficient customizable software that offers great help in Forex trading and also used for other purposes by the brokers. PT Multistation includes a powerful engine called as the PTL Builder for back testing, debugging and optimizing the online share trading business. It supports all languages like the EasyLanguage, MQL and PTL. PT Multistation is featured with solutions of trading alerts and visual advisor for auto trading. This business software allows easy import of the trading scripts that are made in other platforms as it supports many languages.

The main advantage of PT Multistation is its ability to support multiple accounts for all the advanced users and check all share prices in a single place. It is extremely easy to operate even for non technical users because of its user friendly nature. PT Multistation can be quickly downloaded with the file size of 18.25MB. It supports Windows operating systems like Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP and Windows Vista. It is tested and found to be 100% clean without containing any form of virus.

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