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Pontoon X/P is the business software offering ebXML messaging services and is widely used in more than 80 European and North American companies. This tool is used to ensure one’s businesses complete security when they have to exchange documents and confidential data over the internet for business purpose. It is absolutely necessary to ensure transparency in the transfer of all such documents. Ponton X/P helps in protecting all online transfer of data by encrypting and signing the documents online so that all trade secrets are protected from outside parties and hackers. This software tool was published by the software company ‘Ponton Consulting’ on August 2003 and it continues to serve excellently in trading documents online.

Ponton X/P validates, signs, archives, encrypts, and exchanges all XML documents among business houses through email or HTTP. This tool is capable of exchanging nearly 100,000 documents each day with complete reliability, including file sizes of 1GB. Ponton X/P is flexible in using different communicating protocols that include HTTP, FTP, SMTP, ebXML or AS1-3 depending on the process or counterparty requirement. It can connect systems for the client over the proxies and firewalls in an easy fashion. Ponton X/P provides all its users and administrators detailed log on the transmission monitoring.

Ponton X/P is being used worldwide to support online data exchanges for business partners. This software is extremely user friendly and is quick to download and install. The publisher offers all its users a free 60 day trial to explore this tool before buying it. Ponton X/P is free from viruses, trojans, malware or spyware thus ensuring the security and protection of the user’s computer system. It is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows NT and also Windows XP operating systems.