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The PHP-MultiShop stands out to be an eCommerce application and CMS that is essentially available in the form of an open source for all users who wish to use it appropriately. The application helps mimic the form of a virtual mall which includes numerous contents and shops on the offer. The user has a global outlook with respect to the portal and assures reading of some of the most interesting as well as informative news that relate to the content.

Thus it increases the chances of the user to go and visit a particular shop when and if desired particularly. The consumer has the option of reading blogs, news and well as reviews that relate to the product particularly. All the shops in fact have the functionality of the traditional websites relating to eCommerce that people usually see on the internet. It is exactly like a shopping mall except that it is virtual in nature. So you have the option of sitting in your house and doing the necessary shopping. The shops have all the personalization and functional features that you usually find at any e-commerce website traditionally. Thus it shall give you a feeling and an impression that it is independent of a virtual mall indeed. The software shall have an internet domain on its own as well as it can be administered in the fully autonomous way by the administrator of the website.

During the same time, the eCommerce website was distinct from one mall to another, thanks to personalized graphics options that include organization, products, content and individual style particularly. By having been a place large enough for attracting vivid typologies of consumers and visitors, it shall turn out to be more easy to be found out and visible on the whole appealing more to the audience.

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