Magento Reward Points

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E-commerce is the new base for doing business and everyone has taken up this platform to promote and manage their online stores. But the rising popularity of this platform has given rise to a lot of competition and it is extremely necessary to create and have something unique in your online store, so that the customers are attracted to it. Such a software is the Magento Reward Points, which helps you in effectively retaining as well as arresting the attention of the customer. This e-commerce software as the name suggest dealing with the concept of giving rewards points to the customers when they perform a particular task dealing with the website.

The Magento Reward Points provide the buyers with exciting reward points when they are involved in the tasks like purchasing things in or above a fixed amount. It also provides the customers with predetermined reward points for liking your website on the various social networking sites. Also points for subscribing to the newsletter and referral of a new buyer are provided. Also this software is quite flexible and it can be customized as per the choice and need of the user. The user can easily choose which options to keep for giving rewards and which to not. Also the rewards a distributed for commenting on a post or from posing reviews. Moreover it has the facilities like keeping a track of the reward points for each customer.

The Magento Reward Points is not only helpful in attracting more customers but it also helps you in promoting your site in a subtle manner. This software is not free but can be availed easily from the online platform. It is compatible with the operating system of the Windows. This software has a user friendly interface and thus is quite easy to use.