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KonaKart is one such E-commerce java based application software which is used by retailers for online selling and purchasing of goods. Using E-commerce application we have the advantages of faster services and the avoidance of manual work.This application provides online cart to cater the needs of both the customers and the business involved.

KonaKart utilizes Java/JSP/XML solutions along with simple to employ java APIs and a SOAP Web Service interface which permits updating of any actions by the retailer or customer into the database of the present system. It is owned by DS Data Systems UK Ltd. It consists basically of three parts, the 1st part being associated with that of the customer purchase, 2nd part with the administrator who helps in managing the store and the 3rd part includes many customization and extension functions and procedures for the enhancement of KonaKart. Two separate set-ups are available, one being the Community Edition for small business and the Enterprise Extension for larger business.

KonaKart contains features which is being used by many companies around the globe. It ensures high performance and dependency, along with portal compatibility due to JSR-168 portlet specifications. It is smoothly customizable because of Open Source and sustains the uses of many databases such as MySQL, Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, MY SQL Server, etc. Provides powerful administration for KonaKart security as well as account provisioning for automatic creation of account when a user visits a KanoKart portlet for the first time. Its renders automatic role mapping for mapping a Liferay users activity to that of KonaKart. Thus KonaKart adds a degree of smoothness for E-commerce.KonaKart is compatible with all versions of windows primarily with Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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