EROL Business Edition

Download EROL Business Edition

EROL Business Edition is the software application providing all its users the shopping cart to choose among a wide variety of products for all medium and small sized business units. All the customers are pleased with the flexible and simple design, efficient managing features and secured checkout facility. The positive responses from customers help this site to sell their products online all over the world. This in turn increases the sales figure for all businesses using EROL Business Edition. It was published by ‘Dreamteam Design’ on December 2006 and has been very popular among all the users.

EROL Business Edition features all modern techniques that enable the user to design the web pages, describe the product in details and place them in the shopping cart in a hierarchical manner. The server component of this software application takes the data from the site and allows all worldwide customers to check out the product web pages. All the features of this tool enable the user to edit and design the website, keep track of all the products bought by whom and when and also manages the product inventories. The retail tool and SSL support offers variances on product colors and sizes. EROL Business Edition provides all its customers separate log in facility and supports all major payment modes.

EROL Business Edition has got trusted compatibility with all Windows systems including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP and Windows 2000. It is extremely user friendly and requires no help from experts for the installation. The users can try out the trial version of EROL Business Edition before downloading it but they cannot place any order. It is clean and does not contain any form of viruses and spyware. All small and medium sized business can try out this shopping cart tool for placing orders online anytime they want.