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BankLab is the unique e-commerce software that works as a credit card checker. It is designed to help traders to detect credit card frauds. Using this software application, traders can easily check the validity of their customer’s credit card against the algorithm Mod10. BankLab features with its Luhn/MOD10 algorithm generator to enable a user in finding and updating the BIN information for the credit card users. This software can easily detect suspicious sales just by looking at the customer’s credit card or his other bank details. It includes a large credit card issuer database along with IIN and BIN information. BankLab was published by the software developer ‘Banklab’ on February 2013. Although new into the market it is rapidly getting popular among traders and merchants.

BankLab users are not required to enter any captcha code which makes its functionality quite simple and easy. Traders have the option to search over thousands of BIN numbers to find the details of the actual credit card issuer. BankLab allows automatic updates and additions of users in its database. This software does not require any separate installation and can be operated from any flash drive that is portable. It also includes more than eight hundred actual credit card images. Traders have the facility to update or add any new BIN data in the existing database just as they can add their credit card images. BankLab allows traders to add personal memo on certain BIN results if they want. Even they can bookmark any page they wish.

BankLab is simple and extremely easy to use with its user friendly interface. It is highly compatible with Windows operating systems like the Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP. The software is tested and found to be 100% clean. It does not contain any form of virus or spyware.

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