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A software meant for the internet retailers, Alpha Shipper helps you to create your website in a manner so that all the products can be processed without any difficulty. With an effectively designed website, one can purchase and search products easily. Majority of the shopping carts are compatible with Alpha Shipper (64 bit)The interface can be used easily and without any complex programming. The software can be used with UPS or USPS. If one wants to use USPS, then one will have to integrate Endicia’s Dazzle software and if one uses it with UPS, then one will have to link it directly to the account. There is no requirement of additional software.

One can process a number of offers at the same time, even international offers. Some of the services provided by the software includes the printing of packing slips meant only for the concerned customer, printing of shipping labels, marking the completed orders, and sending the customers a confirmation mail with the addition of details such as tracking information and other related details regarding the shipment.

To list down the features offered by this software, mentioned can be made of the following:

(a) Orders can be retrieved automatically (b) Orders can be sent manually (c) Editing of multiple orders have been made possible (d) Irregularity in order placement can be identified with ease (e) More than 100 orders can be processed in a single transaction (f) Inventory gets updated automatically (g) Inventory alerts get generated (g) Form printing occurs with a single SCAN (h)Product reports and sales reports get generated with the cost of inventory.


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