Windows Live Writer

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What is Windows Live Writer? Well, Live Writer is exactly what its name implies. It is a free software from Microsoft which allows users to churn posts and blogs even in offline mode. It is one of the many software’s from Microsoft which have hundreds of customers from across the world, vouching for its usability. The software needs a few minutes to download, but once it is installed into the system, it would make your life much easier.

Most of the blogging sites available these days have a difficult interface with tons of features loaded into the same, making things messier than you could possibly imagine. However, that is not the case with Windows Live Writer. The software uses the WYSIWIG editor which most bloggers would quickly be able to relate to. The app itself comes loaded with features but has been designed to dish out a good and neat interface, one that would make blogging a pleasure. Most of the tasks as uploading pictures, viewing posts, selecting categories and preview are much easy to perform and this is the reason perhaps that it has been able to create a niche of its own.

Apart from all the things mentioned above, Microsoft links the same to other Microsoft products as Windows Live Tools. Moreover, being part of such a big brand you can always hope for useful Windows Live Writer updates in the future. Hence, if you are looking forward to lay hands upon a decent offline blogging software or editor, you can always rely upon Windows Live Writer. It comes loaded with handy features and extras, which would indeed put a smile across your face. It is one of the best offline editing software’s for Windows systems and hence, there is no reason for you to shy away from the same.