Download TextMaker 2010

TextMaker 2010 is a word processing software. It is compatible with Microsoft Word and works best with Word 2007 and 2010 files .

TextMaker 2010 has some of the basic features like that of Word. However it adds a few of its own touches as well. Multiple files can be accessed by the user at once, because of the tab functionality of the software. The most outstanding feature of this software is the spellchecker. It can check the spellings of the words in about 20 different languages including Russian and Arabic. The user can also keep a track on the character count with one of its tools. The software includes a way to fax or email finished documents from the window itself. It also has some cool insert features that jazz up the document. This software can create mirror effect, soft shadows and transparencies in the image. This software has an additional address book feature.

One of the notable qualities of the TextMaker 2010 is its compatibility with Microsoft Word. This allows the user to open and edit files of docx format as well. It can also open OpenOffice Document text files. The software boasts of certain basic yet unique features that are not present in Microsoft Word. It makes the software productive to work with.

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