Download Simple Zonal OCR

Simple Zonal OCR is the software which is very easy to set up a tool that helps to OCR a particular area of a deed and then with the help of the OCR it shifts the document and renames it. This software is developed by eDocFile featuring a file size of 48.75 MB. Simple Zonal OCR is well matched with Windows 2000/Vista/8/7. This very software allows you to imprison only two zones.

This program actually works in the background in the offing of a multi page squabble picture to be located in a folder. That squabble or tiff picture can either be set in the file by either a network copier or a scanner. When you find out the file it is looking for the empty pages and every time it figures out a blank page it forms a new folder with those pages stuck between the empty ones. Thus a particular area gets OCR’d on the folder and the outcomes are used to shift and rename the file to include in the OCR.

This software is very simple to use as implied by its name. The OCR engine that it uses is found in the Microsoft Office Document Image. Proper usage of this tool is the robotic filing of interior deed containing numbers.

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