Download SharePoint Bulk Properties Editor

If editing your documents is taking a lot of your precious time, then it is the time to shift to Share Point Bulk Properties Editor. This software is capable of editing, Importing, Approving and rejecting documents in a very less amount of time. Developed by Boost Solutions, this software has a size of 3.65 MB. The operating systems compatible with this software are Widows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000/2003. This program edits multiple documents with both speed and accuracy.

One can easily list items in order to tag documents or add bulk notes with the help of Share Point Bulk Properties Editor. Productivity is increased by using this software as the users no longer have to waste time in editing each and every field taking one at a time. It has made the task of uploading, copying and moving bulk documents very easy. To communicate and increase your contacts within an industry, you can share the tags. This software includes the feature of allowing the user to choose various versions of documents and also give their comments.

Share Point Bulk Properties Editor allows users to use their previously stored metadata and set it as default so that it can further used in the other documents. One can preview the changes made in the documents. The feature of approving or rejecting documents helps you to keep your system safe and secure.

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