‘Rename It Pro’ allows the user to remove any number of files with the text of their choice. It helps to rename a batch of files and folders very conveniently. It has been seen often that in most of the cameras and media software, file names are left with generic names which does not make any sense and in such a situation Rename Pro is a very useful mode for renaming files. The operating system is compatible with Windows 8. It is also compatible with Windows 7 and Windows-XP.

With the help of Rename It! Pro you can list your files starting from any number of your choice. Rename It! Pro allows to add new names to your file if you already have them in a text file. This is very beneficial for systematically listing your TV shows and movies. Your photos can be resized and converted with the help of Batch Rename by just a few clicks. It is also useful in renaming photos by using EXIF data and renaming files with ID3 Tags.

It allows the user to remove files and folders on the basis of extremely flexible criteria. It also helps in replacing numbers, adding data, inserting text, processing folders and sub-folders, removing or changing file extension. Its flexibility and well-designed setup is capable of meeting the need of any user. It can batch rename thousands of files within a frac

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