Download Aostsoft GIF to Word OCR Converter

Aostsoft GIF to Word OCR converter is an amazing tool that uses OCR technology and converts image files of GIF format into word documents. It is user-friendly software that helps you to easily extract the text portions of a GIF image file and convert them into Word file. Developed by Aostsoft, this software has a file size of 15.35 MB. Aostsoft GIF to Word OCR converter is compatible with operating systems like Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000/2003.

This software extracts text in batches from the image files and then converts them into word files of formats .DOC, .DOCX or .DOCM. Aostsoft GIF to Word OCR Converter is an intelligent piece of software which is able to analyse and remember the texts of image files. This software system is user-friendly with a very interactive interface.

With the help of this software, you can easily convert one page GIF file into one multi-page Word document. Languages like English, Portuguese, French, Swedish, German, Romanian, Italian, and Indonesian are supported by Aostsoft GIF to Word OCR Converter. Minimum system requirements for this application software are 500 MHz processor, RAM of 256 MB and a disk space of 50MB. You can easily customize size of your Word page. It does not require any support for its functionality and works in a stand-alone manner.

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