Microsoft Reader Converter

Download Microsoft Reader Converter

Microsoft Reader Converter is a utility designed and developed by PDF SVG Software to convert all eBook files in to PDF formats. The tool is specifically designed for the conversion of all Microsoft reader eBooks and files to the PDF formats. Apart from this specialty, the tool is also conversant in converting LIT formats to PDF formats, easily and effectively.

This tool also provides other features like the printing of the converted files without any formatting issues. The converter tool is designed with a well planned interface which is simple to operate and understand. The major feature available in this tool is that it can generate MS reader format eBooks in to an open format. This Open format can be used by all programs and software functions which do not have the capability to understand Microsoft reader and its output format files.

The converted file size is a matter of concern as the converter tool produces an image capture of the eBook to convert it in to PDF file. Since the tool does not take in to consideration the text conversion, the size of the converted PDF file is several times that of the input eBook file.  There is also a requirement of Microsoft reader application for the conversion LIT format files in to PDF. The tool is available as a free to try version with watermark on the PDF files. The converter tool works on Windows operating systems such as XP, Windows 7, Vista, and Windows 8.