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MDI viewer is software designed and developed by HAN Software; keeping in mind the difficulties faced by users in opening MDI formats files without the Office Document Imaging software.  This viewer tool opens in it all MDI and TIFF format files, without the need to have Microsoft Office, Adobe, or any other familiar image viewers. Apart from its mission to open MDI and TIFF format files, it also extends its functionality to open any image format files like the JPEG and PNG. Another interesting feature of this viewer tool is its capability to convert image files in to PDF format document.  This tool is specialized in converting MDI format files to PDF files at its best perseverance of quality.

The tool also allows to do batch conversion of files. More interestingly, this conversion feature is also extended to many other image formats like BMP, Jpeg, and PNG. The tool has a very efficient interface, quite simple to understand and powerful to execute.  At the same time it lacks attraction because of its simple color and look.  The positioning of the toolbar and the convenience offered in usage of the buttons is not to the best of the convenience of the user. There is a left side window, offering all the controls as thumb nails in the navigation panel. The tool also allows you to zoom in and out the image you are viewing to a comfortable percentage of viewing.  It has many other features of a standard image viewer tool like rotating the files and search for words in the image.

Though the tool can open any image format file and convert all MDI format files to PDF format, the viewer tool is not able to open even simple PDF files. The error is not consistent in such cases, sometimes saying that the file is corrupted and many times, file missing error occurs. There is a Help file for this tool, but surprisingly the help come only at a cost.  The tool is useful to you in circumstances where you have no Microsoft tool to view the image file and this tool comes in handy. The tool allows you to view the image and take a print out of the image, or at the worst case take a screen shot and save the file. These facilities look complicated and simplicity of the tool is defeated with these simple features offered.

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