Download LotApps Free PDF To JPG Converter

LotApps Free PDF to JPG Converter is a free application designed specifically for Windows that makes conversion of PDF documents into JPG format very easy and simple. Since this application supports Batch conversion, therefore a large volume of PDF documents can be converted into Image files at once. Developed by LotsApp, this software has a file size of 3.17 MB. The operating systems compatible with this software are Windows 8/7/Vista/XP. As the name suggests, this software application is completely free of cost.

The output images produced by the application are of very high quality with one PDF page per JPG image. It is supported in both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. LotApps is very fast and accurate converting PDF into images at a very fast rate. This excellent converter keeps your data completely secure with special security passwords in PDF files. These PDF documents that are password protected can be easily converted into image files of your preference.

It is user-friendly software and is very easy to install and use. Since it is standalone, this software does not require support from any external software and works perfectly alone. LotApps Free PDF to JPG Converter supports exporting of image files of JPEG format and import of Adobe PDF formats. This software also supports conversion of PDF files which are encrypted due to security reasons.

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