Download HS Card Reader

HS CardReader is a free to use software designed for the purpose of digitizing the cards for easy publishing through emails and internet. This tool scans the hard copy images of business cards, or any other image files with lots of flexibility in deciding up on the size and format of the images copied. The tool is intelligent enough to recognize the texts present in the scanned images and allows you to edit them.

Apart from recognizing the characters in the scanned files, this tool is capable of converting the character images in to Ascii text characters directly, for easy edit and maintenance.  The drag and drop option provided by this tool allows you to easily drag images in to text columns and vice versa.  The tool provides options to the user to save the scanned files to vcf formats, or as business VCard format. These options allow you to use them directly in the Outlook Express for easy emailing.  The tool ultimately helps you to scan any business cards, convert them in to editable texts and transmit these editable data to business recipients in an easy and efficient manner

The latest version of this tool has brought in a help file called Interactif, for clarifying the purpose of this tool and helping the end users to understand the functionalities of the software along with its menu options. This tool works on all flavors of Windows systems including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

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