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Google Keep is Google’s very own note taking interface. It’s another value-added service that is linked to the Google account via Google Drive. No other app in this segment helps in accessing a new note through several shortcuts, immediately moves to the camera for a photo or to the keyboard for a text, to a list of checklists or to a microphone for voice dictation, as effortlessly as Google Keep. Though the use of all these notes is limited, its smooth interface makes it indispensable.

Google Keep is an alert, simple to use application which has a minimalist and clean design. It opens without any hassle and houses four options below the ‘Add Quick note’ button. The first option lets the user make a ‘Quick note’ page where a title and a picture can also be added. The second option is the ‘To-Do List’ which takes the user to the page showing a ‘Title’ and the ‘Add List Item’ option. It often seems cluttered with all the notes and the To-Do list displayed, but is nevertheless worth laying hands upon. It lacks Chrome support for working on the desktop but the ease of working with the same is appreciable.

Google Keep is a versatile software where notes include typed text, dictated text, recorded sound, photos and checklists. Letting the user take Audio notes is probably the coolest feature. It is sleek, it is basic and it is a much simple iteration of many equivalent applications currently available in the market. It is a great software and would certainly put a smile across your face.

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