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ePub Maker is a format converter tool which can easily and efficiently convert Microsoft Word and other HTML files in to standard ePub Books and other advertising brochures. This tool is also used for converting the word documents in to files of ePub format so that we can read these files in any eReader tool, Mobile devices, and Tablets. The creation and conversion of files in ePub format becomes an easy affair by the use of this tool.

This converter tool provides you provision for importing the manuscripts from Word documents or even web pages for conversion in the ePub format. Many technical complexities of format conversion are taken care in this tool. There is a option for chapter splitting in an automated manner in the final converted file. The tool ensures that the chapter titles are extracted and arranged as an index separately. The tool also supports auto link option in the output files and provides note conversion seamlessly.

The tool is standardized from the fact that it can handle images of different formats during conversion to ePub. It also can handle tables and file with various fonts.  All you need to do is to ensure that the input file as word is arranged in a understandable form. There is a free to try version available, but with limitations of masked letters in the output. This tool is designed to be operational on all flavors of Microsoft Windows operating systems including XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Win 8.

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