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EasyJob Pro is a resume builder developed and published by AGBO Business Architecture.  This resume builder has in it more than twenty five thousand resume templates and sample cover letters.  This builder tool also comes with an e-Book which provides you all details on how to write your resume according to the requirement and latest trend. This tool comes with lots of features, which the user needs to understand for an effective resume. The tool is capable of creating you multiple format resume with the same content. This could be useful for you in case you are planning to apply for jobs to different sectors like the medical, IT, and core sectors.

The tool insists on you providing details which are quite crucial in an resume. There is big stress from the tool for you to provide information on creating an Objective statement. This is an excellent quality of a tool like this, not to miss out important information.  There are still some issues in the application too.  Unexpected errors appear often in the tool when the user is trying to do some R & D with the format of their resume.  The tool expects the user to be a proficient professional in computers as many menu items are enabled only after the acceptance of an ActiveX control.

This is a free to try software which has some restrictions on the print and other important functions.  The full buyable version is available for a moderate cost. This builder tool is compatible on all Windows operating systems including the old NT, 98, and Me as well as 7,8, XP, and Vista versions. The inconsistency of the application with respect to its reliability in operations makes this tool being questioned for its cost.  The frequent crashing and the unknown errors need to be rectified for ensuring that this application will be certified worth its cost.

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