Download DocumentManager, powered by iKE Office

DocumentManager is one such software that are designed for the document management purpose. With the help of this software one can easily share his or her documents with his or her partner, clients or with the team with great security. This software that has a file size of 14.88 MB is developed and published by Selden Integrated System. It is well matched with the operating systems Windows Vita/XP/2000.

The document Manager software works in a very simple and prolific way of maintaining the security of the user’s documents. Irrespective of the location, the user can easily share the documents with his clients or colleague who can access the recent version. This software helps in organizing the folders and files. It is embedded with a double clicking facility that helps in automatic checking of the files. Hence it downloads the file to the computer from a safe web footed file server and loads it to its suitable app. This tool is able to transfer a data or file up to 2 GB.

Most of the people even today takes the help of email for sharing data and document but often they get restricted due to excess attachment size or outdated data. By using this tool they can freely share whatever they want or need to share with others.

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