Download CPS Barcode Wedge Software

CPS Barcode Wedge Software is serial data procurement software that endows barcode readers and scanners to interact with any kind of Windows application. The software is developed by ProgramBL and has got license from Shareware. The size of CPS Barcode Wedge Software is 2.39 MB and it is compatible with most of the operating systems like Windows 7/8/Server 2008/ Vista/XP/2003/2000. It is enabled with progressive data ¬¬logging and capturing from 256 ports concurrently.

The software requires no hardware additions and has no need of programming making it very easy to use. By the help of this software, various Barcode readers can be connected simultaneously. To process and capture the data from input strings, data filters are present which are fully configurable. Data logging is done through two modes namely keystroke mode and DDE mode. Log data is received via a serial port. During this, data strokes are converted into keystrokes. Also the data received is passed by using DDE.

The software allows creation of charts and graphs in applications which are automatically updated when the data is received through serial devices or instruments. Automatic time and date stamping is one of the key features of this software. In addition, for devices having keyboard simulation, the software has got keyboard filter of low level. With advanced techniques like bug fixing inbuilt in the software, it can be very useful for your computer.

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