Download Corel Write 2010

Corel Write 2010 is a smooth well laid out document processing software. It is very much like Microsoft Word in terms of layout and feels and this makes it very appealing to a user.

There is a 'recent files and folders' tool on the right side of the layout which gives the user uninterrupted access to older files in case of the work being performed on two or more documents. Unlike many word processing software's that are available in the market, Corel Write 2010 can automatically correct grammatical mistakes and spelling errors in languages like English, Spanish, German and French. This turns out to be a great feature for bilingual users and for those users who are learning a new language. This software enables the user to simply edit and ready the document and print it directly. This software also has various insertion tools that can be used to insert graphics, diagrams, charts and various shapes.

This word processing software works best with Microsoft Word formal documents. However, it can also process and save the files in plain text and rich text format, both of which are compatible to Word. Finally, if a user is looking for a plain software that that process documents easily and without many add-on tools, Corel Write 2010 is the best choice.

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