Download Content Studio for Revit (Standalone)

Content Studio foe Revit is a standalone application program that helps you to manage all your Revit files efficiently. This program is a wonderful solution for your own digital library that enables you to collect and share files in a very controlled manner. Developed by Content Studio, this software has a file size of 39.64 MB. This application is compatible with operating systems like Window 8/7/Vista/XP/2000.

With the help of Content Studio for Revit, you can collect and index each and every Revit file. These files can be placed together to form a consistent and strong file structure. This system has got many advantages over the conventional file systems that have been used over the years. In this library system, the data is stored in a very intelligent and controlled manner. Capturing data, managing, sharing and using it becomes very easy with the help of Content Studio for Revit.

One of the most striking features of this management system is its ‘folder free’ design. Now you don’t have to create folders to store Revit files. Just throw them into the software and it will take care of them. Sorting and organization of files are done by Content Studio with complete ease and in just few minutes. So, you will totally mesmerized to use it.

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