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Ability Write is a word processing software that is efficiently compatible with Microsoft Word. Its design and layout make it a very easy to use program.

There is a recent files and folders tool on the right side of the layout which gives the user uninterrupted access to older files in case of the work being performed on two or more documents. It is useful for users who need to switch documents in between working. The user can create professional looking envelopes and labels. There are no citation and bibliography features in this software in order to add important citation information at the end of a document. There is an efficient feature of spellchecker and grammar checker that are integrated in the software. Ability Write has very limited publishing options. It allows the user to take a printout of the document.

Ability Write has the ability to save the processed documents in Microsoft Word formats. The documents can be saved in the form of PDFs and in plain text and rich text formats. This software is definitely not a very unique software but for a standard casual user, this software is more than enough to get the work done effectively.

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