ABBYY FineReader Express Edition

Download ABBYY FineReader Express Edition

ABBYY FineReader Express Edition is a software tool that promises to offer the ability to convert paper based documents into digital documents or images, making it convenient to edit or manipulate using your digital devices. And the tool claims that all this can be accomplished with a simple click of your mouse button! The tool offers the ability to convert your hard documents into soft copies, which can be edited and viewed using your PDF software, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word applications.

And these tasks can be accomplished from within these applications. Your paper-bound documents would now be capable of being edited in your computer. You can also search through the converted content. You can also implement the conversion process from within MS Outlook; this makes it easy and simply possible to quickly and easily attach your paper documents as part of your email and share it with family, friends, or colleagues. This tool is regarded as one of the best OCR tools as it claims to offer support for over 179 languages. The publishers claim that this tool is also integrated with the Advanced Document Recognition Technology (ADRT), which ensures that the page layout and formatting of the original document is retained during the conversion process.

The tool claims to offer a high level of accuracy in this regard. This is one tool that guarantees to save you paper, the effort of retyping multiple copies of a document, and the trouble of reformatting it. This office tool is a product from the house of ABBYY USA Software House and is intended to save time, resources, and effort involved in recreating documents. Moreover, it helps you to accomplish the digitization of all your office documents with simplicity, precision, and ease. You can check out the trial version of this tool using its 15 day free trial. It can be installed and implemented in all Windows platforms.