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This is actually a survey and planning software. SOLE Professional is mostly an interactive software that fulfills the entire requirement that a surveyor may have. It is new and evolved survey software that has all the tools and techniques that are necessary to make an accurate survey. SOLE Professional is a comprehensive survey software that is much better equipped to meet the requirements of an all round and complete survey than other such similar software. This is because SOLE Professional was created by experts specifically with the modern technologies and also the needs of the future in mind. It is not just interactive survey software, but it also helps in the later planning stages of a survey.

SOLE Professional covers all bases that require covering in a survey. It takes into account requirements like Traverse, Contours and Road Design. It also has facilities to take stock of Route survey, Revenue Survey and Topographical Survey. City Survey and also mining and Railways and Airfield and Canals and Runways and Pipelines etc. are also accounted for by SOLE Professional. This shows that all feature that might affect the survey in anyway whatsoever are covered by SOLE Professional. The tools and techniques used by this software are of the new generation and the planning techniques and tools are also modern.

SOLE Professional has been programmed keeping in mind the fast evolving world of technology and thus can keep pace with the advancements and changes that take place in technology. The user interface of SOLE Professional is easy to use, intuitive and simple. The user should not have any problem using this software and even users who are not very tech savvy should find it easy to use. The entire job takes only a few clicks and the results are also generated quickly and easily. SOLE Professional is better than all the other survey software in the market and covers all fields of a survey.

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